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Learning Julia

Questions about problems on the non-technical side highlight the difficulties of getting a relatively new language off the ground versus more established languages like Python. The top complaint here is that colleagues use other languages and that there are not enough Julia users in their industry or field.

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Users also cite a lack of teaching and learning resources online. However, that could change over time thanks to initiatives like one at Mozilla, which is funding a Firefox plugin to bring Julia to browsers as it did for Python with the Pyodide plugin.

Add-on packages

Julia Computing also asked users what languages they'd use if it weren't for Julia and the top alternative, not surprisingly, is Python, which would be used by 73 percent of respondents. Other top alternatives include C-languages, Matlab, and R. Last year, Julia reported that the number of packages for add-on functionality had grown from 1, to 2, over the preceding year , suggesting decent growth from the Julia developer community. The biggest technical problem with Julia is that packages for add-on features aren't sufficiently mature or well maintained to meet users' needs.

Julia tutorial: Get started with the Julia language

On the non-technical side, the top complaint is colleagues use other languages and that there are not enough Julia users in their field. Python-inspired Nim: Version 1. Windows 10 Microsoft pushes on with testing as 19H2 update rollout looms. Microsoft: 'Battle-tested'.

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    How to get started with Julia 1.0's package manager

    Faced with this, Chef Software's management first resisted, but Programming language Nim 1. Learn Julia with this concise guide. Explore the world of scientific computing with the next-generation programming language. Get started with Julia programming. View details. Flag as inappropriate.

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    • Anoc Octave Editor. The free Octave Editor for your Android device. Notepad with password PRO. And on a suggestion, I played with the Interact. To get started with Julia, I wanted to learn more about the ecosystem of image support in Julia. Until now, my tools of choice for manipulating images was numpy in Python and OpenCV. Instead, Julia has the JuliaImages ecosystem of packages for image support. I am launching this blog to document and share my experience learning the Julia programming language. Mar 26, Image Stitching: Part 1 This is Part 1 of 2 in my posts about how to stitch two images together using Julia.

      Feb 23, Image tilings and arrays In this notebook I decided to get more familiar with Julia basic functions, arrays, and operations by giving myself a small computational photography challenge!